Adam Furmanek

Software Developer at Amazon

I am Adam Furmanek and I am a professional software engineer for almost a decade. Right now I am at Amazon working with Big Data, Spark, and Machine Learning. I am always interested in digging deeper, exploring machine code and going through implementation details to better understand internals of the technologies I use every day. That's why I like debugging, decompiling and disassembling the code to understand memory models, concurrency problems and other details hidden deeply inside. In my free time I play ping-pong, watch Woody Allen's movies and blog stuff at

9:00 - 17:00 Workshop

Thursday 20th Oct

Understanding async machinery down to a single detail

We all use asynchronous code and we have some understanding of the machinery behind it. It’s time to see how it works and learn why it’s hard to synchronously wait for asynchronous code, how to wait for async void methods, or how to debug deadlocks. We will see the code generated by the compiler, understand synchronization contexts and integration with TPL library, reimplement part of the mechanism to fix deadlocks, or just play with internals to understand them better.